Riding Gear

Written by Linda Alexander
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Western riding gear consists of tack for your horse and supplies with which to take care of the horse. Rodeo supply stores are prepared to handle your needs for tack and other riding gear. With the right equipment, you will be all set up to have great riding adventures with your horse or bull.

The first piece of tack is the halter, used to catch your horse; you will also need a lead rope to lead and tie the horse. The bridle consists of a bit and a crown. Which bit you need depends on how well your horse is trained. Reins are considered separate from the bridle.

The other major piece of tack is the saddle. There are many types of saddles depending on how you intend to ride-pleasure, ranch, roping, cutting, barrel racing, or saddle bronc riding. Each is a little different with a slightly different purpose. Your rodeo supply store can help you find the saddle for you.

Riding Gear Supplies You Will Need

Western horses need many different supplies. First, a hoof pick is used to remove rocks from hooves. You will also want a selection of brushes to keep your horse's hair clean and groomed. A towel will remove the last bits of dirt and dust when you are finished grooming. A hoof file will help you keep chips from growing. You will also need several buckets, with water at all times. The others can be used to carry riding gear and put your feed in.

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