Rodeo Gear Bag

Written by Linda Alexander
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Spending money on a rodeo gear bag is a wise choice. Gear bags must hold up to the rigors of cowboy life; therefore, if you invest in quality your bag will last a while. Finding a durable bag that does double-duty as fine luggage isn't hard when you search on the internet.

Reinforced handles allow you to keep heavy equipment in your bag without ripping it. A larger bag will easily hold your boots, cinches, or a weekend's worth of clothing. A top-loading bag will make it extremely easy to pack when you're in a hurry. Longer handles will allow over the shoulder carrying convenience if that is the way you choose to carry your bag.

Buying a Durable Rodeo Gear Bag

Both functional and convenient, your rodeo gear bag should be made of heavy-duty fabric such as cordura lined with vinyl, so it stands up to abuse. For ease of finding things, you might want to get a bag with different zippered compartments, or add a smaller bag inside for your small items such as pliers or an extra rowel. Make sure the edges are finished for extra durability.

For other riding gear, there are specialized bags, such as rope bags made of nylon lined with burlap that will keep your ropes in good condition. To carry your boots, you might want to get a separate boot bag. However you decide to stay organized, there is a rodeo gear bag for you on the market.

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