Roping Supply

Written by Linda Alexander
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Any good roping supply store will have a wide variety of ropes that cowboys need to compete. Different events require different rodeo equipment. Cowboys' collections vary according to they type of ropes used in the event in which the cowboy competes.

A lariat (or lasso) is a long rope made of braided hemp, rawhide, polyester, or nylon. Sometimes lariats come in fabric blends for a heavier rope with more consistent feel. It has a loop (hondo) at one end. This rope is used to catch cattle. A reata is a braided rawhide rope that can be made in different stiffnesses. For example, bull hide makes a very stiff rope that's good for heel roping.

Maguey is Mexican style grass rope made of agave. A quirt is a short leather strap or braided whip attached to a handle that is used to get a horse to increase speed. There is usually a loop on the end so the rider can place it over his wrist or on the saddle horn to carry it.

Roping Supply Knowledge Is Important

Wherever you get your roping supply, make sure they know their stuff. Purchase your roping supply from a store or website that specializes in rodeo gear, especially if you are new to riding and not sure exactly what you are looking for. In addition to ropes, you may also need riding gloves and rosin to better grip the rope, and a sturdy rope bag to hold the ropes and keep them dry. Your rodeo store should be able to supply you with all this and more.

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