Written by Linda Alexander
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An interchangeable rowel eliminates the hassle of having to refit each pair of spurs you own. With the different levels of control that each provides, many cowboys own several pairs of spurs. Purchasing them separately gives you a distinct feel with each pair you have.

To change them, just pop off the clip, pull the pin and change them out! Now you can wear that favorite pair of spurs every time depending on what you need that day. No matter which pair of spurs you buy, you always have the option of changing the rowel.

As with other rodeo apparel, it's a matter of individual preference. Some riders like loose spurs while others like a tighter fit. You can either get an angled or straight swinger on your spurs. Angled swingers give a closer fit to the boot while straight swingers fit loosely, allowing the spur to slide up while walking and fall into position when riding.

Choosing your Cowboy Spur and Rowel

When choosing spurs, consider the following options. Some riders like a short shank to be gentler on the horse. Others use longer shanks for contact without moving their feet too much. Small rowels with sharp points can be severe while rowels with smooth points are gentler. Steel rowels last longer than brass; with tempered steel the band can be bent to fit without breaking. Also, the spur won't roll around your heel.

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