Suede Chaps

Written by Linda Alexander
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Suede chaps are more for indoor use than outdoor. They are made to complete your cowboy costume or western look. Some come with fringe. Suede chaps will cost between $150 and $400 for adult sizes, depending on the fabric, construction, and whether they are custom made.

In the Old West, leather chaps are what cowboys used to protect themselves and their pants while riding horseback. Nowadays, leather or suede chaps are used not only for horseback but also by modern cowboys who ride motorcycles, or westerners looking to complete their fashion look.

Suede Chaps For Women and Children

There are also chaps for kids and cowgirls. Or you may purchase a lady leather chap to complete your rodeo apparel collection. Chaps come in 2-tone black and brown or other colors, with or without fringe on the leg. For added decoration, you can also find some with braiding on the legs or around the waist.

Chaps are sized by how they fit around your thighs. Measure around the fullest part of your thighs over jeans. When you are wearing your chaps, they should be about 1 inch off the ground while wearing jeans and riding footwear. For the waist, if you need to shorten it, just overlap the back and re-lace it. Extensions are available if extra length is needed. If needed, your chaps may be trimmed.

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