Western Leather Chap

Written by Linda Alexander
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Choosing a western leather chap set can be confusing with all the choices available, but you can purchase quality items without spending too much money. Often you are paying for a brand rather than for the quality of the leather. Here are some ideas to use to make sure you get the best deal.

The grade of the leather is the biggest factor in price. There is soft leather, rough, or grainy leather, or suede. As with other cowboy clothing, buying a western leather chap that is a brand name will cost you more and not necessarily be better quality.

Western Leather Chap Accessories

Accessories also affect the price and construction of your chaps. The more details you want on them, the more they will cost. For example, fringe on the leg or waist of a western leather chap will cost more than chaps with no fringe. Standard sizes and styles will also cost less than custom styles and sizes. However, depending on your preference, you may wish to pay for a reputable name brand or some fringe, colors, or other decoration. Just know that these usually cost extra.

You can purchase chaps in different places. Leather shops, western clothing stores, and motorcycle shops all carry them. They are generally less expensive in a leather store, because specialty rodeo supply and motorcycle stores constantly sell out of them and have no need to discount them. Consider quality, style and price when purchasing your chaps. If you buy the right ones, you'll have them for a lifetime.

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