Delaware Skydiving

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Delaware skydiving enthusiasts have but one place to go skydiving without crossing a state line. The views, however, are terrific. That is one reason sky divers from elsewhere might want to come and enjoy Delaware skydiving.

The landscape includes the stretches of checkerboard farmland that make one think of Europe. It offers a wonderful vista of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, and of the Atlantic Ocean. But Delaware is not a large state. One can cross it in the scenic route from Maryland to the New Jersey beaches. A few of the drop zones in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are near enough to give you options.

With five stars and plenty of commendations, the Delaware skydiving center is a full-service USPA--United States Parachuting Association--drop zone in the southwest corner of the state. It is also a member of the Better Business Bureau of Delaware. The Delaware skydiving school lies on Route 24, approximately midway between Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Lewes, where a ferry runs across to Cape May, New Jersey.

Delaware Skydiving Options

Across the Delaware Memorial Bridge into New Jersey are more drop zones, however. One in Williamstown is near enough, about 25 miles southeast of Philadelphia. The other three are further north, two northwest of New York City. Maryland and Pennsylvania are options. Kutztown, some 16 miles west of Allentown, is within range, as is Salisbury, down Route 13 from Wilmington and the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

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