Extreme Skydiving Video

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you've taken up skydiving, it's very likely that extreme skydiving video will be your next hobby. You're proficient and you have close to 500 jumps under your belt. Your next move is turning your photographic eye to extreme skydiving videos. You're about to begin your life behind the lens.

Just remember, if you're thinking of doing extreme skydiving video for a profit or a living, don't expect it to happen overnight. You'll need to advance in both diving and shooting at the same time. Aim for proficiency first. You'll be better off settling for it as a hobby.

Record Your Extreme Jump

Before you get lost in deciding on equipment, look for a person or several people. Talk to every sky diving cameraman you can find. Ask at the drop zones you use. At least one is likely to specialize in extreme skydiving video. This is your best resource. Learn their specialties and ask them for input on what to buy, the pros and cons.

The wrong equipment can be wrong for any number of reasons. Do your homework and do it thoroughly. Video shooting, as you know already, is a complex field. Extreme skydiving video is even more complex.

One approach is to shoot for fun initially and learn from the process. Then reconsider how serious you might want to get. An ultra wide-angle lens and a basic camcorder in Mini-DV format would be enough for that. Look at Sony and JVC. Mini-DV is the most popular format for extreme skydiving video, or for any skydiving camera work, in fact. The tapes last an hour and can be edited on a computer with the appropriate software.

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