Free Fall Adventures Skydiving School

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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In telling you about Free Fall Adventures Skydiving School, I'm trying to narrow the scope among the 76 skydiving facilities on the East Coast. Convenience does play into your decision, but shouldn't be the basis of it. You're looking for skydivers with plenty of experience in diving who offer the full range of training options.

What Free Fall Adventures Skydiving School Has to Offer

The name says it all and lets you know they have just what you're looking for: free fall adventures skydiving school. You want to learn, and this is the place to do it. Based in Williamstown, New Jersey, and within easy reach of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington, Free Fall Adventures Skydiving School has been in the skydiving business for 20 years. It is the largest skydiving school among the 76 on the east coast.

Its instructors hold a number of championships and world records. They average about 6,000 jumps each. The school's fleet of nine airplanes and helicopters is truly impressive. The fleet includes a Super Otter (capacity 25), a Super SkyVan (capacity 20), and even a vintage Boeing biplane (for experienced divers).

Training and skydiving options include tandem jumps and advanced freefall progressions, all at the moderate industry rate of $175. Free Fall Adventures Skydiving School's integrated Student Program lets you buy the full range of AAF skydiving packages at a rate that translates to one free jump.

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