Pennsylvania Sky Diving

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you live in Pennsylvania, sky diving will be certainly more convenient for you than for your pal in Wyoming. Pennsylvania offers 10 sky diving drop zones. New Jersey has four, New York has nine, and Ohio has 11. You're bound to be within an hour or so of at least one.

Where to Find Pennsylvania Sky Diving Sites

The 10 drop zones in the commonwealth are fairly well distributed across the state. One is in Chambersburg, southwest of Carlisle on 81 near the Maryland/West Virginia border. Another is in Erie, on the lake. Another is in Germansville, just west of Allentown. Yet another is in Kingsdale, which is south of Gettysburg on the Maryland border.

Others are in Kutztown, which lies northwest of Philadelphia on 78; in Marietta, which lies between York and Lancaster; in Mercer, just east of Youngstown, Ohio; and in Reedsville, just southeast of the state college. In the Pocono Mountains is Sugarloaf, off 81 southeast of Wilkes-Barre. The last is in Tunkhannock, just northwest of Scranton.

The first thing to do is to telephone or write the Pennsylvania sky diving drop zone you're interested in. You'll want to ask which of the three basic types of training they offer: tandem, static line, or accelerated freefall. You'll also ask about the cost, their refund options, and the like. Online sky diving forums and bulletin boards are a good way to gather independent information on specific Pennsylvania sky diving centers and more.

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