Sky Diving Clubs

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Sky diving clubs are organizations. Sky diving drop zones are facilities. In sky diving clubs, you establish ties and camaraderie with other sky divers, or parachutists, if you will. Drop zones are where you can sky dive. They offer aircraft, equipment, and training, at a minimum.

Sky diving clubs and sky diving drop zones, then, are not the same. What is often confusing for the novice is that sky diving clubs can and often are based at and/or affiliated with drop zones. Another point of confusion is that drop zones, particularly those in Europe, can have the word "club" in their name but have no membership.

The Role of Sky Diving Clubs

Membership in sky diving clubs serves the function as membership in any club--to create a sense of community and both share and further the love of the sport. Sky diving enthusiasts and jumpers are no different, though perhaps less competitive than those involved in other sports. Sky diving competitions are popular, but arise more out of simple enjoyment of the sport than anything else.

Sky diving clubs are also a venue for learning, in the best way possible, by example. You can simply to make that initial leap from static line jumping to tandem freefall. You can gather tips and expertise on sky surfing, canopy formation, freestyle and formation sky diving, or accuracy landings. Sky diving clubs have a great deal to offer if you're serious about the sport.

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