Sky Diving Information

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You've heard about sky diving, then, and your interest in piqued--your next step is to find sky diving information. Several of your friends have gotten hooked on the sport. How do you start sorting out what you've heard and begin researching sky diving information a bit more methodically?

Getting Sky Diving Information Organized

First: what is sky diving? One jumps out of an airplane at about 10,000 feet. One falls for about 6,000 feet at about 120 miles an hour. One then pulls the parachute release cord and falls at about 1,000 feet per minute for the remaining 4,000 feet it takes to once again touch Mother Earth.

Second: where do you learn more? You start with the United States Parachuting Association perhaps, which oversees the sport and represents it to the Federal Aeronautics Administration. They will probably direct you to you a wealth of sky diving information that you can read online and off.

Third: what will you learn from all this sky diving information you've found? You discover that sky diving schools are called drop zones. You learn that there are about 250 of them in the United States. You read about expert skydivers doing cartwheels and pirouettes. You see photos of sky surfers and remember your skateboard and the surfboards at the beach and you wonder if, one day, you too could become that advanced a skydiver.

After a few searches, you realize that there's more sky diving information than you can quickly digest. There's information on tandem freefall and static line jumping and accelerated freefall. One of those methods will be how you learn to sky dive. You learn that a jump costs between $175 and $225 or so, depending on the drop zone. Fourth: you decide that your friends might be onto something here.

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