Sky Surfing Sport Information

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Here's a scenario--skydiving is on your mind again, and you're looking for sky surfing sport information. "We weren't designed for flying," your naysayer friend remarks. "You could kill yourself--isn't an airplane good enough?" Your answer is a search for sky surfing sport information. Last year, you went out and jumped. You loved it. Now all you can think about is the concept of riding slipstreams and doing back flips and twists in that so-brief 50 seconds between the airplane jump and the unfurling of the canopy.

Sky Surfing Sport Information: One Step at a Time

A few precautions are in order. Sky surfing is extremely dangerous. It calls for physical fitness, quick reactions, a steady mind, skill, and artistry. Experts recommend about 40 minutes of freefall experience as a prerequisite--that's minutes in freefall, and each fall is barely a minute.

Mastering a stable stand-up alone can take up to 50 freefall jumps. And after that come twists and recoveries, back loops, cartwheels, flat spins, and more. You need to be in control of these before that board goes on your feet and you take your first sky surf.

Sky surfing sport information is largely in the experiences of experienced jumpers. Some have written articles or books or filmed instructional videos. In those, plenty of sky surfing sport information is packed into perhaps more than you're ready for at this stage.

Your best bet is to join a skydiving club and sit down with experienced jumpers. They're as charged on the sport as you are (and probably more so). They are certainly more than happy to share what they know about sky surfing sport information.

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