Skydiving In Philadelphia

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Most people interested in skydiving in Philadelphia nowadays probably won't know the actor and comedian W.C. Fields. Fields didn't think much of Philadelphia. He would probably advocate skydiving in Philadelphia because it "might liven things up."

Options for Skydiving in Philadelphia

Skydiving in Philadelphia itself isn't possible, of course. One doesn't skydive in a city. But if you're in the area looking for a drop zone, you have plenty of choices. The commonwealth itself offers eleven options.

All but three lie within a couple hours' commute. Several lie across the borders into New Jersey and Delaware. One is bound to be convenient for you. The best way to find skydiving in Philadelphia that's convenient for you is to do some research online. You can find out where the closest skydiving schools are, how much they charge, and who their instructors are. The best school may not be the one nearest, you, however, so it's best to expand your search radius to approximately a hundred miles away.

You can learn many useful things about skydiving online. You can visit forums and chat rooms devoted to the sport to get useful tips and tricks. You can learn what kinds of planes are usually taken up for skydivers, so you won't be scared or intimidated when you first see one. You can even check out video footage of people who have successfully completed both basic and extreme dives. Skydiving in Philadelphia is easy to find when you begin your search online.

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