Skydiving Prices

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Skydiving prices are the one thing about skydiving you haven't really thought about yet. You're determined to skydive. You are willing put your money on the table and go up in that Cessna some 10,000 feet, and jump out into the blue sky and feel a rush of cool crisp air. But what are skydiving prices for the first time out? And what do they run if you want to make it your sport of choice?

Skydiving Prices: a Breakdown

Overall, the skydiving prices you'll pay include initial training, equipment, airplane, fuel, instructor time, expertise, and the facility as a one-time shot. Several factors play into the cost of this first jump. One is the jump type, another the drop zone facilities, another the region of the country.

Expect skydiving prices for first jumps to range between $175 and $250 for a tandem, somewhat less for a static line, and perhaps $300 to $350 for accelerated freefall. Sometimes you'll find specials on second jumps the same day for as little as $100. Some drop zones offer progression level programs for those who really want to make the sport a regular past-time. Even so, single jumps tend to average in the $200 range, except for static line, which is as little as half that, or $100.

Once you're experienced, skydiving prices will change. The context changes--club memberships, no training factor, owned equipment, any number of factors. Individual jump fees run at about $20 to $30 each.

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