Types Of Sky Diving

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You're thinking about types of sky diving, then, are you? Wondering where to learn, how to learn, and how much it costs? The three types of sky diving are fundamentally the three types of sky diving lessons.

In sky diving, you jump out of an airplane with a parachute on your back. At some point during your descent, open the parachute. The period before the chute opens is the freefall. There are different styles of freefall. Before you even get up in the plane, though, are the required four to five hours of on-the-ground lecture and training on equipment and procedure and airplane types. Then come the drops.

Sky Diving: Defined

The first of the three types of sky diving is tandem freefall. In it, you jump at a height of about 10,000 feet with a certified instructor, an experienced jumper to whom you are attached by cable at all times. Each person wears a harness, but only the instructor carries the parachutes. Freefall lasts about 40 seconds. This is a good introduction to sky diving.

The second of the three types of sky diving is static line. In this, a line connects the parachute to the airplane, forcing the parachute open at a specific point. Drops are from about 3,000 to 3,500 feet, and the freefall lasts only two to three seconds.

The third of the three types of sky diving is accelerated freefall. Ground training is longer, in large part because on the first jump, the student will jump alone. The student will, however, be in the company of two experienced jumpers there to help and guard during the jump.

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