Soccer Fans And The World Cup

Written by jpcovo
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Is soccer the most beautiful sport in the world? Thousands of fans all around the world think it is. Every four years these fanatics of the sport celebrate an international tournament called “The World Cup”. Teams of different parts of the world are flown to the country hosting the tournament. In 2010, different countries of Africa will be hosting the tournament. Tickets, hotel rooms, tours, and vacations featuring the tournament are beginning to be sold like hot bread. Prices to see one game can range from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. In addition, many people also take time to visit touristic places of the city in which they are in and buy souvenirs, especially if it is decorated with a logo of the tournament “mascot”. Soccer fans are known to express their passion for the game in various ways. The expressions of pride and loyalty to their home team with t-shirts, uniforms, painted faces, tattoos, flags, hats, watches, whistles, and sticker albums are examples. There is no other sport that draws so many people to a “celebration” like “The World Cup”. There is really no other sport like the sport of soccer.

“Futbol”, like it is called in Spanish, is really a phonetical mispronunciation of the word “FOOT BALL”. Other names like “balon pie” is more at ends with the Spanish description of the sport. It is in the countries of the Latin American world where most of the more popular soccer players have been scouted. I’m talking about legendary players that people are still talking about even today. For example, Pele and Maradona. From Brazil and Argentina respectively. There are many other new contemporary players in this part of the world that are also very good in skill and techniques and that also have been awarded with distinction and recognition in the soccer world. They add up with Pele and Maradona to players from many different countries in Asia, Europe, and North America that, throughout history, have positioned themselves with memorable goals, plays, and in the minds of the soccer fans. To imitate their favorite players and enjoy the game, these fans also organize tournaments themselves.

An organized mini tournament among soccer fans is the most honest expression of real passion for the sport. The players themselves design the strategies and tactics for their offensive and defensive game play. Warming up and practice drills are set up before the match. They select players and positions in the soccer field and the game begins. The soccer match is played like their idols play it. After the mini tournament, commentaries about the better plays of the day, how to improve the tournament, who else to call to play, talk about uniforms for each team, a trophy, medals, and other additions to this “celebration”, are some of the topics that usually come into play. Eventually, the game that begun with the desire of just one person or a few with the desire to feel the game themselves turns into a part of their identities. The most beautiful sport in the world has found brand new soccer fans. The most beautiful sport in the world is soccer.

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