Akadema Bats

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Not content to rest on their breakthroughs in baseball glove design, the Gilligan brothers who run Akadema have turned their special brand of attention to the baseball bat. The result is a line of aluminum and wood bats that offer better grip, faster bat speed, and unequalled balance. The Garfield, New Jersey firm has done it again, but this time for the offense.

The Akadema Xtension aluminum bat was designed for but one reason, according to Lawrence and Joe, and that is better bat speed. Testimonials by pro sluggers attest to the Xtension's unrivaled balance and control, which allows for more speed. The Alcoa Alcalyte alloy that goes into the making of these bats makes them the toughest and hardest sticks on the block.

Swing for the Fences

Wood is well represented in the Akadema bat line-up as well, with popular varieties available in ash and maple. The Amish Wood Bat series features the company's patented Tacktion grips, made from a combination of ground-up sunflower seeds, walnut shells and sand. The need for pine tar is eliminated for those who pick up Akadema bats with Tacktion grips.

The Gilligans also offer their own bat bags in which to carry your Xtension and Amish sluggers. An unending commitment to research makes Akadema bats stand out from those made by their complacent competition. Serious baseball and softball players should pick one up for themselves to compare the difference between an Akadema bat and everything else.

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