Athletic Sunglasses

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many reasons why athletes choose to purchase professional sports sunglasses rather than more affordable consumer shades. Athletic sunglasses are designed specifically to protect the eyes from the harsh glare and radiation of the sun, from flying grass and sand debris, and from hours and hours of squinting and eye strain. Wearing authentic sport sunglasses and goggles made of shatterproof and durable polycarbonate material will also assure the athlete that his eyes and face will not be harmed during rough play.

Identifying athletic sunglasses can be simple if one knows exactly what to look for and which features to request for specific sports. Look for the American Optometric Association Seal of Acceptance, which officially approves sunglasses that filter out or block at least 99 percent of all UV A and B rays. You will know that these are qualified to handle bright and glaring conditions on any field. Skiers and water sport athletes should look for athletic sunglasses with polarizing lenses, which reflect glare off of snow and water, while photochromatic lenses (which adjust to the amount of light present) are great if weather conditions change often in the area.

The frame weight and shape is also very important to an athlete, as his game may be affected by sunglasses that are either too heavy, easily knocked off, or with side panels that interfere with his peripheral vision. Wrap-around frames made of metal and plastic alloys can surround and hug the face, while specially placed rubber nose and temple pads can be utilized to make sure the frames never slide off, even in wet or sweaty conditions. An athlete or water enthusiast should never worry about whether his sunglasses are going to stay with him during a swift or abrupt movement or not!

Keeping Fashion in the Game with Athletic Sunglasses

Of course, one of the best features of sports eyewear is that they are always fashionable and attractive when worn on the field or in the middle of play. Some athletic sunglasses are made with designer frame patterns and interchangeable lenses to match team colors and workout gear of the day. While this is not the only criteria for choosing a pair of shades, it is nevertheless and important part of an athlete's confidence and sense of style. However, it is essential for the athlete's eye health that his pair is chosen based primarily on quality factors rather than the "cool" factor.

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