Badminton Rackets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Hope I'm not preaching to the converted here, because experienced badminton players generally don't go for advice on buying badminton rackets, as they often already have definite preferences. Basically, there are "stiff" badminton rackets, and those that offer a little more give. The pros nearly always go for the stiff type, but the rest of us generally prefer something with at least a little give!

There are two major players in the badminton rackets market. So Yonex, Carleton and Karakal are some names to watch. Having said that though, don't exclude anything else just for the sake of it. You may find another make of badminton rackets that actually works better for you, and that's fine. There are no hard and fast rules.

Check The Weight

When it comes to the weight of badminton rackets, many people prefer a medium weight, which generally falls between 89 grams and 92 grams. Some players feel the lighter rackets, which are generally between 85 and 89 grams, are a little too light and don't give them all the control they need. It's entirely a matter of preference. Go with what works for you.

Some people prefer badminton rackets with a smaller head size, saying they feel it gives them more control. But others feel this means they have to compromise on power in this way, so again, you have to make choices here. Some badminton rackets have more defined oval shaped heads than others, and this can also make a difference. When it comes down to it, you probably have to experiment a little to find just what kind of badminton rackets suit you best. You could try swapping with friends for a game or two, just to get the feel of different badminton rackets.

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