Baseball Memorabilia

Written by Patricia Skinner
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When you hear someone mention baseball memorabilia, the name that always springs to mind is Joe DiMaggio. While he is, undoubtedly, the greatest baseball hero of all time, and one who is even credited with uniting America, there is so very much more to the art of collecting baseball memorabilia than Joe DiMaggio items. There are literally hundreds of baseball greats now, a couple of generations on from Joe.

Let's take a look at what there is to collect in the way of baseball memorabilia. Baseball caps are a classic. They're particularly valuable if they're autographed! You can put together a respectable collection for between $50 and $100 apiece, but be prepared to pay more for the really big stars!

A Collection Will Increase In Value With Time

As the baseball hall of fame grows, so the great American pastime of collecting baseball memorabilia continues to increase in popularity. The supply of baseball memorabilia seems inexhaustible as new items are constantly being added to the supply. If you want to encourage a child to start a collection of some kind, baseball memorabilia is a great choice for this reason.

It means that there will always be a good supply of collectible items that will be in his or her price range. Another plus is that a collection started in childhood can be added to and continued into adulthood, and the collection will only grow in value as time passes.

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