Baseball Metal Cleats

Written by Gregg Ruais
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For athletes that are serious about their baseball, metal cleats are the most durable footwear product on the market. Major League Baseball players have been wearing metal cleats since the late 1900s. The baseball term of spiking an opposing player actually originated from this product, as it refers to the ruthlessly competitive act of sliding into a base with metal cleats facing outwards.

Modern Baseball Metal Cleats

As sports technology has evolved over the years, baseball metal cleats have become more durable, lightweight, and comfortable than ever before. Modern synthetic leather, which is waterproof, makes cleats last longer than leather shoes that absorb water. Moreover, this material also weighs less, which allows athletes to run faster. In addition, lighter shoes cause less wear and tear on joints.

However, baseball metal cleats made out of waterproof material breathe less than those made with natural leather. During the summer months, baseball season, feet can get extremely hot when shoes do not provide adequate ventilation. One way that companies have counterbalanced the lack of ventilation through synthetic leather is by designing mesh tongues through which air passes.

Baseball cleats are available in different styles that appeal to different athletes. High tops help prevent ankles from rolling over, an accident not uncommon when players step on bases. On the other hand, lower cuts are lighter, making players run faster. Mid-cut cleats provide athletes with a middle-of-the-road option.

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