Basketball Training Aids

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you want to improve your basketball skills, there are a number of low-tech basketball training aids that will give you a real boost without breaking your budget. Some of the simple ones include ball handling gloves which will improve your dribbling skills. These gloves also have a button in the palm to make it impossible for you to control the ball unless you are holding it properly.

A defensive reach control will restrict the use of your arms, improving your habits so your are more inclined to keep your arms up in defense. This gadget also encourages you to shuffles and slide your feet for better defense position. This and the gloves are both very inexpensive, but effective basketball training aids.

Weighted Balls

Using heavy trainer basketballs can improve your game in several ways. To begin with, they are an effective weight training device, and can significantly improve your strength. Then, they will raise your speed so that when you play with regular basketballs during a game, you'll be that much faster and a good bit more agile.

Basketball training aids you can use when you're training by yourself include rebounding aids. These contraptions fit around the top of the basket, and make it impossible for you to predict which way the ball will bounce. This will give you a much better workout than you would otherwise get playing by yourself.

If you want to improve shooting accuracy, you could try using smaller sized practice rings. You can get them in 17 inch sizes and 10 inch sizes. Smaller practice rings are effective and can really focus your shooting attention for you.

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