Bolle Sunglasses

Written by Sierra Rein
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Today, Bolle offers at least seven unique and technically advanced lines of recreational and sport sunglasses. These shades follow the same philosophy that underlies Bolle goggles: to provide their wearers with technically advanced, fashionable, and performance-enhancing protective eye gear. Each model can be purchased in a variety of different frame and lens patterns and colors.

The lenses of Bolle sunglasses can be chosen based on the amount of visible and infrared light they allow to be transmitted through them. For instance, TNS (True Neutral Smoke) colored lenses are perfect for regular, daily use as they allow 12 percent visible and 36 percent infrared light to pass. However, Polarized Sandstone amber lenses permit 19 percent visible and up to 80 percent of infrared light, making them superlative sunglasses for high glare lighting. When choosing a pair of Bolle sunglasses, make sure to match the ultimate purpose with the most effective lens for the job.

A Few Popular Styles of Bolle Sunglasses

While it would be exhaustive to describe every single model, style, and color of every available pair of Bolle sunglasses, there are a few to note in particular. For instance, when it comes to all-purpose applications, the Bolle Snake and Extreme lines are ideal. These are made with durable nylon frames that hug the shape of the face securely with Thermogrip nose pads and temple tips.

On the other hand, Bolle Action Sport sunglasses come equipped with the Optics Control System, one that allows lenses to be interchanged to fit the lighting conditions of any sport. The Bolle Action Sport Golf model contains EagleVision 2 lenses that are created to increase the contrast colors between green and the rest of the spectrum, allowing the breaks of a golf course to reveal them more easily to the eye. Bolle Action Sport Tennis sunglasses have CompetiVision lenses that do the same for the color yellow, making the tennis ball the most visible of all objects in the field of vision.

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