Cheerleading Apparel

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The next most important thing for any soccer team after they've equipped themselves with gear is the cheerleading apparel. This is a vital part of keeping up the morale of the team, and cheerleading apparel is a fashion business all by itself. Every cheerleading team must keep their look up-to-date by making sure they're wearing the best of the current season's cheerleading apparel.

Cheerleading apparel is more than just the cheerleader's outfits. A vital piece of cheerleading equipment is the colorful pom poms that cheerleaders wield so expertly. Nearly all cheerleading apparel is custom designed to some extent, although many suppliers will supply outfits to go if necessary.

Reflecting The Team

Most teams want their cheerleaders to reflect the team colors in some way, or to be identified with their team at the very least. Cheerleading apparel comes in matching sets for boys and girls or men and women, and there is a wide variety of styles and outfits available. Unlike the gear sports teams wear, cheerleading apparel can be almost anything you like.

Custom lettering is the addition that most clubs and organization make to their off-the-peg cheerleading apparel. A team's logo can also be added to cheerleading uniforms. It is an easy way of expressing individuality, and it doesn't cost very much. Cheerleading apparel can sometimes be smart and formal, or it can be outrageous and eye catching. There are no hard and fast rules about how cheerleading apparel should look, so the interpretation is entirely up to the teams themselves.

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