Cheerleading Tips

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Cheerleading is easy when the going is good and your team is winning, but the time when the abilities of a good cheerleading team really show is when their team is winning. If I could arrange cheerleading tips in order of importance, the first would be the ability to keep smiling and cheering your team on, just as if they were in the lead by a long way.

You will find a lot of cheerleading tips concentrate on this very point. How to keep looking happy. There will be times when you don't feel your best, even when your team is winning, but you'll still have to go on with the show. It's a good idea to practice your routine in the mirror so you can get a feel for when your facial expression is sagging, and learn to control it.

Coming Through, Loud And Clear!

Although most cheerleading tips don't mention it, you have to have an exceptionally loud and clear voice to be a good cheerleader. If you don't, you probably should try doing something else. It's essential. You need to have the vocal stamina to keep cheering your team on for sometimes hours together. No one ever said it was going to be easy!

The best cheerleading tips we can give you for learning the cheerleader moves is to get out there and mix with them. Watch them closely. See how that do that tight little cheerleader clap with their hands out in front? Practice that till you get it right. The lingo needs to be learned too. Like every sport, there are names for the moves, such as fists, buckets, daggers and more. You will be able to find more cheerleading tips on the Internet, and you can even find books on the subject, so don't give up till you get it right!

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