Written by Devin Flanigan
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ColdOne cold compression braces are an important part of the sports medicine toolbox. These wraps are designed to deliver 20 minutes of effective cold therapy to virtually any part of the body. ColdOne offers wraps designed specifically for a certain joint or problem area, as well as universal wraps that can be applied anywhere.

Made of durable neoprene and comfortable linen, ColdOne compression wraps conform to the human body. The liquid gel core is well insulated to prevent frostbite and minimize discomfort when used for cold therapy. The gel is 100 percent non-toxic and freezes fast and evenly, allowing quick turnaround for multiple sessions.

Is ColdOne the Right One?

The cold core of ColdOne wraps is integrated into the design and need not be taken out and frozen separately. The entire device can be safely placed in the freezer until ready for use. The compression aspect of ColdOne products means that they can also function at room temperature as braces that provide stability and support during activity.

All of this makes ColdOne a brand to consider when shopping for athletic and medical products. The ability to offer cold and compression therapies in one integrated package makes both functional and economic sense. For relief from pain and swelling, explore the benefits of cold compression braces.

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