Fast Pitch Softball Equipment

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who play competitively often buy not only the essential fast pitch softball equipment but also the accessories that make the game easier and safer. Athletes can purchase items that reduce wear and tear on the body, improve overall comfort while playing, and even maximize performance. It's easy to overlook how much equipment really impacts the game, but there is no phase of the sport that does not involve sporting goods in some way.

Common Fast Pitch Softball Equipment

Even the simplest items can make a tremendous difference in how much someone enjoys the game. For example, sunglasses that block out ultra violet rays can be game-savers for fielders who have to catch fly balls. All it takes is losing the ball in the sun once to learn that a pair of shades can make the difference between a Gold-Glove hero and a goat who blows the championship game by botching a routine pop-up.

Batting gloves, another common piece of fast pitch softball equipment, help hitters grip their bats. In addition, gloves prevent blisters. While minor scrapes may seem inconsequential, even the smallest irritations on the hand can make the usually fun task of swinging a bat seem like a chore.

Moreover, many pitchers wear special fast pitch softball equipment on their feet. Sharp ground balls can do serious damage to pitchers' feet, because they stand so close to the batter's box and have very little reaction time when balls are hit their way. For this reason, toe protectors are popular at every level of play, from junior high school all the way up to the big leagues.

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