Foam Tennis Balls

Written by Patricia Skinner
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High bounce foam tennis balls are a great substitute for regular tennis balls. They last longer, especially when compared to regular tennis balls that can go soft after only five weeks of use. They can also help you avoid problems such as tennis elbow, which can be caused by using soft balls that don't bounce well enough.

Foam tennis balls are also called pressureless balls sometimes, although this is not an accurate name for foam tennis balls. Pressureless balls are something else. Foam tennis balls are more expensive than the regular kind of tennis ball, but experts say you can recoup the extra expense after only a couple of months of use, as they last so much longer. They have other benefits too.

The Safety Factor

Foam tennis balls are great for indoor use, and they can safely be given to kids of any age. Foam tennis balls are excellent for tennis training, particularly for beginners, as they provide great consistency of bounce and flight. These two features are essential for constructive tennis practice, and can go a long way to improve a player's game of tennis.

So why are foam tennis balls perfect for teaching small children how to play tennis? Mainly because they retain their consistency of bounce and flight over a long period of time, but also because they're so light that it would be hard to sustain an injury with one of these.

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