Football Cleats

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Ever wondered why professional football players set so much store by cleats? Basically, nearly every player you talk to expresses an opinion that the right, or wrong, football cleats can affect your game positively or negatively. Almost to a man, they scorn molded football cleats in favor of the screw-in kind. Let's take a look at their reasons.

Screw in football cleats, to begin with, nearly always give you seven points of contact with the ground, which, while it is less than most molded cleats, which have many little points of molded plastic, it is still more traction. This gives you superior traction, and traction is the whole point in cleats. Many professional players also say that screw in cleats of a greater level of comfort than molded cleats.

Screw-Ins Versus Molded

Although molded football cleats tend to last longer, screw-in cleats will give you far superior performance and they are cheap to replace. There is another very important consideration. With screw-in football cleats, you can change the length of your cleats when you need to from one-half inch to one inch. This will also make a significant difference in your football performance.

Football cleats, whether screw-in or molded tend to be rather expensive, so if budget is an issue, look for sales. However, football cleats do last so once you have them, they'll be with your for a while.

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