Football Memorabilia

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Of all the sports, perhaps football memorabilia is the most popular. Items of football memorabilia range from cheap and plentiful cards, to really expensive items of autographed sports-personality gear, which can often be worth thousands. Generally, the rarer the item and the more famous the personality, the higher the price.

Whereas in times gone by collecting football memorabilia was a pursuit that involved traveling and hard work, now you can often track down any item of football memorabilia you'd like by going online. There are many sites on the Internet devoted to buying and selling football memorabilia.

Whatever You Love

Football memorabilia items can include clothing, helmets, boots, programs, photos, posters, cards, and lots more. The list is, in fact, endless. Signed photos are a very popular item of football memorabilia, simply because they attract good prices and they can be stored relatively easily.

A word of warning if you want to buy and sell football memorabilia online though. There are a lot of sharks out there. Do take precautions and make sure you're dealing with a reputable dealer before parting with your money. Never, ever give out your credit card info online unless it's over a secure server. If you are in any doubt at all, check with someone. You can contact the owner of most sites if you look for the contact information.

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