Football Socks

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many people think that one type of football socks is much like any other. From the outside looking in, they're probably right. But when you're wearing them, and playing hard, it can be a very different matter. Ill fitting football socks can cause almost as much damage and discomfort as ill fitting football sneakers. So it's worth learning what makes for good football socks.

So the first consideration when choosing football socks has to be are they the right size. They should neither be so tight as to be restricting, or so loose as to bunch. Comfortably snug is about right for football socks. Some people swear by tube socks, but generally speaking, football socks should have properly shaped heels and toes for extra comfort and safety.

Cotton Or Synthetic?

Again, preference is the main consideration when choosing whether your football socks are made from pure cotton, a synthetic fiber, or a judicious mixture of both. There are authorities in all three camps. Cotton is likely to be more comfortable for most people, but artificial fibers can keep the feet dryer as they wick moisture away from the skin.

Always make sure that the toe and heel seems of your football socks are as flat as possible. Rough seems can cause blisters and calluses. Don't forget to take a pair of your football socks with you whenever you go to buy football shoes, as different thicknesses can mean different sizes. You want to be as comfortable as possible in your football socks when the game begins.

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