Garmin Forerunner

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most people balk at the idea of spending 30 to 100 dollars a month for the advantages that come with a personal trainer. Others may enjoy the concept of having a personal running partner, but get frustrated when schedules and personal conflicts crop up. To answer these exercise difficulties, the makers of the Garmin Forerunner decided to offer the 101 and 201 personal training and GPS devices to the public. These easy to use digital trainers can help both the entry-level runner and the professional athlete towards his or her personal best.

Both the Garmin Forerunner 101 and the Forerunner 201 are able to store and retrieve up to two years of lap histories. A user can search for any day of the year or choose data within a specific time frame and access all the information she needs. Each contains a special GPS sensor that offers the user the exact distance, speed and personal pace data at any particular moment. Plus, they are both equipped with the "Virtual Partner" feature, a unique digital setting that displays a relative "goal" in pace and distance to the runner so that she can know if she is meeting or falling short of her personal best.

The Garmin Forerunner GPS Feature

The GPS (Global Positioning System) on a Garmin Forerunner helps vacationers and business travelers run anywhere they want to without the danger of becoming lost. They can merely turn the Forerunner GPS feature on when they leave the hotel and follow the digital readout back to the beginning when they are halfway through their workouts. In addition to the longitude and latitude, the sensor provides and records the altitude of the runner. The Forerunner 201 allows digital marks to be placed along the route and the ability to match these marks to an electronic map.

The Forerunner 101 operates on two AAA batteries, while the Forerunner 201 functions from an A/C desktop charger. Unlike the 101 model, the Forerunner 201 is equipped to transfer all logged data to a PC that can then be analyzed through Garmin's investigative personal data software. It can also track and determine the number of calories that are burned throughout a particular training period and sound off whistle sounds whenever a workout marker or timed goal is reached.

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