Goalie Equipment

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Being a goalie in any sport is probably the most difficult, and at times unrewarding position to play. But in hockey, being a goalie takes on different dimensions of difficulty altogether! Being a hockey goalie can be downright dangerous, to say nothing of rough and aggressive.

So, traditionally, hockey goalies are protected with a barrage of special goalie equipment. The full range of goalie equipment includes shin pads, body pads, a helmet with a wire face protector, gloves, and more. Perhaps the most important item of goalie equipment is the helmet and mask.

Protection Is Paramount

A hockey puck traveling at speed can do a lot of damage, so it's important that the goalie's head and face be well protected. To be sure, there is so much essential goalie equipment that many times you look at a goalie and wonder if there's really a human being beneath all that gear! It is, of course very restricting, but no goalie is willing to take silly chances with their health. Goalie protection comes first!

It is important that all goalie equipment is picked carefully for fit and suitability. Each different item, such as gloves, leg pads, chest pads, and even the helmet, must be measured for fit according to precise instructions. Ill fitting goalie equipment can cause accidents, and in some cases can be worse than no goalie equipment at all. The goalie hockey stick is much larger and heavier than a regular hockey stick, so this piece of goalie equipment must be chosen carefully too.

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