Golf Memorabilia

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The craze for memorabilia is on the rise in the US. It seems that new kinds of collecting are appearing all the time. There's no category of memorabilia more popular than sports, and golf is among the most popular of the sports categories. Although the golf hall of fame is not as extensive as, say, the baseball hall of fame, it is still pretty big, and the stars are phenomenal.

Some big names of golf memorabilia include Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Jackie Gleason, and the new kid on the block, Tiger Woods. Although he's a comparative newcomer to the golf memorabilia scene, Tiger Woods is almost a legend in his own lifetime, so golf memorabilia with him as a subject is very popular.

Popular Items

Probably because golf clubs are rather large to collect, some of the most popular items of golf memorabilia include signed lithographs, cards and photographs. Items of clothing from the great masters are also very popular and highly collectible items. Framed tournament flags, or tour flags, are also a unique item of golf memorabilia. If they are autographed, they are even more valuable.

Like memorabilia of any other class, the greater the golf star, the more valuable the item. If you are a devoted golf memorabilia collector, then perhaps the size of golf clubs doesn't put you off. In this case, you should be looking for hickory shafted clubs, because they are the finest, and the really valuable ones are fifty-plus years old.

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