Written by Sierra Rein
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H2Optix sunglasses are designed primarily for individuals who desire anti-glare protection and clearer daylight vision near waterways and lakes. They are great for fishermen, sailors, weekend boaters, wind-sailors and surfers, lifeguards, and holiday pool-loungers. They are fitted with nose pads made of slip-proof Megol rubber and stabilizing temple tips to keep them comfortably secure on the face.

All sunglasses by H2Optix weigh a little less than one ounce each, and are extremely comfortable and light on the head. Made of Grilamid material (a flexible and strong thermoplatic material) these sunglasses are made to withstand a great deal of impact force. With their mold injected frames and hinges, H2Optix sunglasses are considered a long-term investment.

The Colors and Styles of H2Optix

The lenses are made of polycarbonate and come in three different color types: polarized amber, polarized dark gray, and polarized gray with top silver gradient shade. The amber lenses are better for fresh water bodies of water, as they are able to deflect extreme UV rays. Sunglasses with dark grey lens are more suited for inshore waters and for locating marine life like fish, shallow crabs, and lobsters. Finally, the gradient lenses combine both grey shades and a silver mirror coating to provide even more relief from glare.

There is a choice of four different H2Optix styles in a variety of frame colors and patterns. One can decide between either the Atlantic, Laguna, Santa Marta or Tarpon models. Any of these sunglasses can make welcome birthday, Christmas and "just because" gifts for sportsmen, military personnel, and weekend water enthusiasts.

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