Izzo Golf Bags

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Izzo golf bags made a splash when they were first released in 1991, thanks to their trademarked dual-strap system. T. J. Izzo saw a need and filled it, to the relief and delight of golfers everywhere. Called one of the four most important innovations in modern golf, the success of the dual-strap system is best evidenced by the fact that it is featured on 100 percent of the carry bags made today.

Before Izzo, golf bags featured only one strap to hang over one shoulder, making carrying a bag for 18 holes an uncomfortable and sometimes painful affair. Carrying too much weight on one shoulder could also cause bruising and muscle strain in the shoulder, affecting a golfer's overall health (not to mention his swing). The simple but brilliant innovation of creating a bag that hangs from both shoulders drastically improved the quality of life for perhaps millions of golfers.

Izzo Means Dual Straps

The Izzo bags are not carried like a child's backpack, as the dual-strap system might imply to some. Rather, the bag hangs below the straps connected by a pivoting apparatus that allows the bag to hang laterally across the back, almost parallel to the ground. The pivoting mechanism also means that the bag is free to swing to your side if you need to retrieve something from it as you walk, such as a well-deserved drink of water.

State-of-the art golf bags feature compartments for every possible accessory, as well as plenty of rooms for your favorite clubs. Izzo golf bags also feature legs that pull out to allow the bags to stand upright--this eliminates bending as well as grass stains.

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