Kestrel 1000

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Kestrel 1000 wind meter is designed to offer the sophisticated seafaring person a full range of options when it comes to reading and recording wind speed. A large-screen liquid crystal display allows full visibility in rough weather. The entire unit is small enough to fit into a pocket or the palm of one's hand, yet is water-resistant to depths of at least one meter.

There are three different operation modes inherent in the Kestrel 1000. The display can read out moving three-second speed (wind speed), average speed, and maximum three-second gust speed. The latter two measurements are based on the time since the power was first turned on for the day.

These operational modes can be displayed to the user in a number of different nautical measures, including kilometers per second, knots, meters per second, feet per minute, and miles per hour. Its on-axis accuracy lies within a comfortable +/- three percent. To make it easier for the user, only two buttons (covered in non-slip rubber) are needed to gain access to all of the unit's operational functions.

The Kestrel 1000 Is Meant to Sail the High Seas

In case it is dropped overboard, the 1000 model series can float and comes in a slip-on hard case that protects all the buttons and the display from rough knocks and bumps. To save energy, especially for cases of emergency, each Kestrel 1000 features an auto shutdown sequence that begins after 30 seconds of disuse. The 1000 model series has an average battery life of 400 hours and uses replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries.

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