Lacrosse Boots

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Elite footwear companies make lacrosse boots that provide excellent ankle support and feel as comfortable as everyday sneakers. The fastest game on two feet, lacrosse requires shoes that allow athletes to run at full speed, stop short, and change directions, even on slippery surfaces. There is a tremendous difference in quality between cleats designed by sports medicine experts and those manufactured by footwear companies that only specialize in marketing their products.

The Elite Lacrosse Boots

Players and coaches judge lacrosse boots based on traction, comfort, weight, durability, and safety. The top cleats not only grip the playing field but also cut through it when athletes rotate their feet. This is a safety feature, because it allows greater hip mobility, which is essential to eluding precarious situations.

Because lacrosse is such a rigorous sport, cleats should weigh as little as possible. Heavy shoes cause fatigue and unneeded wear and tear on joints. Manufacturers that care about their customers constantly strive to discover lighter materials with which to make lacrosse boots. While low-cut lacrosse cleats are the lightest, players who have a history of ankle injuries should consider wearing shoes that support this oft-injured joint.

Comfort is a factor that should never be overlooked. If shoes do not feel right, there is a good chance that they are causing damage. Lacrosse games are played on dewy fields and even on rainy days. In adverse weather conditions, waterproof cleats go a long way in keeping feet dry. Wet socks are not only uncomfortable but also harmful. In addition, athletic shoes should have some sort of ventilation feature.

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