Lacrosse Shoes

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Because the fastest game on two feet is played on multiple surfaces, and since different athletes have differing opinions on what constitutes comfortable, footwear companies make lacrosse shoes with varying fabrics, cleat lengths, and in different styles. Due to the pace of lacrosse, cleats should be as comfortable as possible. Running full speed for an entire game on achy feet puts an athlete at risk for injury and will eventually hinder performance.

Different styles of lacrosse cleats include low-cut, mid-cut, and high-tops. The higher the shoe, the more ankle support it provides. On the other hand (or foot!), shoes cut below the ankle are lighter and improve footwork and speed. Something else for an athlete to consider before making a buying decision is what type of fabric he or she wants. While leather does a better job of keeping the feet cool in hot weather, synthetic material is water proof and keeps feet dry when playing on a wet field. A good compromise between the two is purchasing cleats made of leather fabric that have have a mesh tongue, which improves ventilation.

Lacrosse Shoes for Traction

When playing on grass, players should wear lacrosse shoes that have long spikes, which dig into the turf and allow athletes to stop short, accelerate, and change directions without having to worry about slipping. Excellent traction is essential to both offensive and defensive players. On offense, players need traction in order to fake out the defense, and, likewise, defenders need traction to stay in front of these agile athletes.

On artificial grass, a faster, harder surface, athletes benefit from cleats that more closely resemble sneakers. Lacrosse shoes, made by a top company, that have short, rubber spikes can feel as comfortable as basketball sneakers and provide very strong traction on astroturf. Before purchasing cleats, for use on astroturf or grass, lacrosse players should read about different types of shoes and what manufacturers have done to make their brands as safe as possible.

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