Molded Cleats

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The best outdoor athletic footwear, molded cleats, yields noticeable results for athletes who have always worn standard cleats in the past. These shoes are as comfortable and mobile as tennis sneakers and still provide stop-on-a-dime traction. Sports that require cleats include football, lacrosse, softball, baseball, and soccer.

Molded cleats are specially designed for athletes who need traction, pivot-ability, and lightweight footwear. Competitors who wear cleats deserve nothing less than the same agility and comfort that basketball sneakers provide. Thanks to modern sports medicine studies, the premier cleats do hinder any athletic movements.

Molded Cleats for Both Playing Surfaces

There are molded cleats designed for use on both natural playing surfaces and astroturf. On astroturf, a less slippery surface, short rubber cleats provide plenty of traction. Ideally, the cleats are arranged in a circular pattern, which allows hip and leg rotation without straining joints.

On natural playing fields, players need longer cleats that grab the ground. Steel cleats are the most durable. When competing on wet surfaces, players wear longer spikes. The elite cleats are designed to cut through natural turf in order to prevent feet from getting stuck in the ground.

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