Neoprene Wraps

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Athletic tape can be used to fashion a one-of-a-kind ankle or shoulder wrap that is carefully crafted for the needs of the athlete who wears it. This solution is costly and impractical for those of us who have no access to professional athletic trainers, however. Neoprene wraps are the next best thing and are much cheaper and easier to use.

Neoprene compression wraps and braces are elastic enough to conform to the contours of your body. They come in varieties designed for nearly every body part as well as universal wraps for general application. Velcro fasteners help ensure a snug fit so that these neoprene wraps can offer solid support for hours at a time.

The Cold Factor

Inside many of these neoprene braces are liquid cores that can be frozen so that the wrap may be used for cold compression therapy. Fresh from the freezer, these wraps offer 20 minutes of cold that numbs the area and reduces swelling. Since they can be used either cold or warm, these neoprene wraps are really two sports medicine devices for the price of one.

Some wraps come in different sizes, so make sure you understand what you are buying. Neoprene is a comfortable material that does not cause chafing or sweating of the skin it covers. For total coverage, consider purchasing wraps for your troublesome joints as well as a universal wrap for those unexpected problems that inevitably occur.

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