Outdoor Games For Kids

Written by Patricia Skinner
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When you're young, you love nothing better than outdoor games. All children love to have outdoor activities that they can escape to after the rigors of homework, or to fill the long hours of the summer break. If you want to make sure your child always has something to do, providing him or her with a number of outdoor games is a great idea.

Outdoor games for kids can be more than just a source of recreation. When chosen carefully, they can be a useful adjunct to therapy for some childhood disorders. Children with attention deficit disorder, or IDD, for example, often benefit greatly from some kind of organized outdoor activity to channel their energy and hone their focusing abilities.

For Very Special Children

Lots of other learning disabilities, and even physical disabilities, will see significant improvement when well-thought-out outdoor games for kids are included in your child's schedule. So what kind of outdoor games for kids are the most popular? Outdoor games for kids tend to change over time, and from area to area, but there are a few that remain popular for all time, and across communities.

The perennials include swings, slides and tree houses. Those are so popular now, and always have been. The outdoor swing is almost an icon for children in western society, and nearly everyone had a swing, or access to one, as a child.

Outdoor games for kids that can be played with friends and neighbors include soccer and baseball. A more seasonal game that has nonetheless been popular with kids for generations is tennis. All these games promote agility and coordination and can be a valuable part of any child's development.

The New Kid On The Block

Golf is fast becoming a newcomer to the ranks of enjoyable outdoor games for kids. Unlike baseball or soccer, which nearly every kid enjoys to some extent though, golf seems to be one of those outdoor games that you either love or hate. It's worth a suggestion though, to kids who seem bored with everything else. Of course, this all depends on whether you have golf facilities for kids in your area.

A Skateboard Is Sure To Be A Hit

The skateboard, while a relative newcomer to the scene, is fast becoming one of the most popular kids outdoor games of all time. The beauty of a skateboard is, first and foremost, it makes a really great gift for kids of any size, age or sex. Then there's the convenience.

Skateboards can be carried around and your kid can play by themselves, or in a group. Skateboards can be used by a kid with no experience at all, or by one who has been practicing for years. If you're thinking of buying a skateboard for a special kid, do ask around before you buy one. They tend to have preferences!

Want More Ideas On Outdoor Games For Kids?

This is just a small section of the available outdoor games for kids. Discussion of this topic could go on forever. Equipment for outdoor games for kids always makes a great gift for any occasion, and is easy to come by at any good sporting goods store.

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