Polar 625x

Written by Sierra Rein
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Heart rate monitors like the Polar 625X are extremely important to runners. They help athletes maintain safe yet heart-healthy intensity rates throughout their workouts. They also provide a monitored amount of motivation for workout-weary individuals and offer up an objective and non-critical observation of one's physical progress and stamina. HR monitors are extremely effective training partners due to their ability of providing immediate feedback and customized plans for newer and more challenging levels.

A part of the S series of heart rate monitors, the Polar 625X is described by the company as "the ultimate running tool." It has the capability of reading and storing five different exercise, route, intensity and target rate sets. It can read and display one's average, current and maximum HR statistics and the average or maximum HR data regarding any particular lap. The 625X can also display the altitude and ascent, speed and distance, and target pace of the runner at any moment by just a push of a button.

Another exciting aspect of the Polar 625X is the number of performance-enhancing programs it contains. For example, the Polar OwnCal feature can show how many calories of energy have been used up during a session of exercise, or the number of calories burned over an extended period of time. On the other hand, the Polar OwnOptimizer recovery test takes a glance at the body's personal functions at rest and lets the wearer know whether he or she has recovered enough for the next step of the training. Each of these programs can be instrumental to the athlete when creating individualized workout plans and recognizing personal progress over a long training period.

The Accuracy of the Polar 625X Heart Rate Monitor

The 625X monitor has been tested to within a minimum of 97 percent accuracy, even when the unit has not been calibrated yet. Once calibrated, the accuracy jumps to an average of 99 percent. This typically meets or surpasses the accuracies found in professional treadmills. When used with the Polar S1 Footpod, the 625X can safely register speed and distance without the need for GPS sensor technology.

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