Polar S Series

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to collecting and analyzing personal performance data, the Polar S series of heart rate monitors is one of the few professional lines that cover all the bases. While beginning exercisers may find that there is a surplus of features for them on an S series monitor, professional athletes and hard-core fitness enthusiasts appreciate all the different options they have available on just one of these units. There are two main categories of exercises, running and cycling, that the S series does particularly well in.

For people training with jogging, sprinting and long-distance running exercises, the S120, S210, S410, S610i, S625X and S810i are the best models to choose from. The most basic of all these is the S120, which features an independent count-down/count-up timer, maximum and average heart rate display module, recovery measurement, up to 60 laps of memory time, and three programmable target zone sets with both visual and audio guide alarms. It also contains one profile set of extended exercise programs to help the runner develop his or her pace and rate along a specified route.

On the other side of the spectrum, the S625x and S810i heart rate monitors are for serious runners. Along with all the normal and extended features commonly found in advanced HR monitors, these units contain mobile and PC connectivity technologies to update and store information onto computers and cell phones. They also feature trip-monitoring sensors like speed, distance, wheel size settings, temperature and altitude that allows them to be used as cross-platform cycling tools.

For Cyclers, the 700 Polar S Series

The S725 is the most complete and extensive of all Polar cycling heart rate monitors. This one wristwatch can record and display a large variety of data regarding an individual athlete's cycling performance and provide up to five exercise sets to help maintain or improve his or her current level. This monitor features information on the trip, average and maximum speed, interval distance, recovery rate, power output, temperature, altitude,two different wheel size settings, bike mount, and cadence. It also contains the Polar OwnCal program, a weight management system, and three target heart rate zone sets to help keep intensity levels on track.

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