Polar S625x

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Polar S625X heart rate monitor does away with uncertainty and doubt by providing all the performance data an athlete would need. This simple looking wristwatch can monitor and transmit information about its wearer's heart and recovery rates, travel speed and distance, altitude and ascent. The heart rate (HR) data itself can be displayed as either the maximum or average HR within the allotted exercise period.

The S625X monitor is compatible with the Polar heart rate chest strap and all Polar cycling sensors. Because it was originally designed for tri-athletes and runners, most of its functions are applicable to running and cycling performance data. The unit is also water resistant to depths of 30 meters, allowing it to be worn in any type of rough weather.

Intelligent Cross-Training with the Polar S625X

The S625X is equipped with an internal software system capable of housing up to 99 exercise files. It can also create five different, extended profiles for multiple training routes. In addition, the unit comes with the Polar Precision Performance software to help the athlete analyze his or her personal rates of improvement.

For those who need guidance during their training sessions, the Polar S625X contains the Polar OwnZone and Polar OwnCal features. OwnZone uses both blinking and beeping alarms to adjust the athlete's intensity to his or her own personal profile, while the OwnCal feature uses recorded height and weight data to automatically ascertain calorie usage. With all this information at one's fingertips, any workout or training session can become more effective and with the possibility of faster results.

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