Written by Sierra Rein
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While most people view the task of breathing as a normal, everyday process, others take it as an important and essential part of their careers. These people can include professional sports athletes, singers, swimmers, divers, public speakers, musicians and those who do strenuous work for their paycheck. Without a strong diaphragm and the ability to breathe deeply and fully, many of these individuals would fail at their endeavors. Unfortunately, there are some people--young and old--who have poor breathing patterns and feel as though their lives are limited by weak muscle strength.

Fortunately, the muscle of the diaphragm can be trained and strengthened just like any other type of muscle. The PowerLung respiration training unit utilizes dual-action resistance training to help anyone become better at inhaling and exhaling air and delivering oxygen to the bloodstream. There are three different models of the PowerLung, depending on the intensity of the workout involved. For instance, the PowerLung BreathAir model is designed for low resistance training on individuals who may wish to start out slowly on their road to breathing recovery. These can include the young and elderly, those who have difficulty breathing while exercising, and actors, cheerleaders or debate students who are eager to put a little more edge into their performances.

The PowerLung Trainer takes the resistance up a notch for those within the intermediate workout level. This unit is perfect for those who wish to step up their workout and fitness regiment or for people who have a physically demanding career. Dancers, construction workers, singers and professional musicians can all benefit from this level of training. The PowerLung Trainer comes with a CD-ROM video and guide, a carrying case for easy mobility, and the specially formulated PowerLung Wash to clean out the unit without harming the delicate resistance cell valves.

The Ultimate High-Resistance PowerLung Workout Trainer

The PowerLung Sport model is meant for those who demand extreme and immediate oxygen delivery to all the core muscles of the body for long periods of time, and for professionals who need constant and consistently strong breath control. The Sport unit can increase the force of exhalation by over 15 percent and can increase lung capacity by over 25 percent. This type of extreme breathing strength can be a literal lifesaver for firemen, police, rescue operators, divers, military personnel and professionals who work or play in severe weather. The PowerLung Sport traditionally comes packaged with the same accessories as the Trainer model and can make a great gift for any professional athletic or physical fitness enthusiast.

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