Reusable Cold Compresses

Written by Devin Flanigan
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One of the drawbacks of using ice for cold therapy is that it can only be used once before melting away to a puddle of cold water. In addition, ice is more likely to cause frostbite and it leaves a mess on clothes and furniture as it drips. Reusable cold compresses can be used for cold therapy over and over again and never leak a drop.

These compresses usually feature a liquid gel core--sealed behind layers of plastic insulation--that freezes fast and easily. This liquid is non-toxic and when frozen, provides about 20 minutes of cold therapy (the most frequently recommended duration). Neoprene insulation protects the skin from frostbite, and the 20-minute time period ensures that the cold is never kept on too long.

Freeze and Freeze Again

Most of the time, getting a compress ready is as simple as tossing it into a freezer. When the cold element is integrated into a larger wrap or brace, simply toss the entire apparatus into the freezer. These reusable cold compresses can even be transported in coolers to use at the practice field or on the road.

Since they are reusable, there is no need to keep buying plastic bags and paper cups--or to constantly make ice. One purchase and cold therapy is available in an unlimited supply. Cold compression braces come designed to fit specific body parts, as well as in the form of universal wraps that can be used anywhere that they are needed.

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