Reusable Ice Packs

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Cold compression therapy is indicated for most acute athletic injuries, including sprains and strains. The traditional ice bag, however, can be an unwieldy and messy method of applying cold to the affected area. Many manufacturers today offer cold compression braces that act as a convenient and reusable ice pack.

These braces are lightweight and compact and offer compression that's helpful for healing and for support during activity. In most cases, the cold therapy is activated by placing the entire brace in the freezer until the liquid core freezes. Once frozen, the cold part of the brace offers approximately 20 minutes of cold therapy, the same amount recommended by doctors and athletic trainers.

Cold When You Need It

Most of these reusable and refreezable ice packs are surrounded by neoprene insulation to protect the skin from direct contact with frozen liquid, eliminating discomfort and frostbite concerns. The liquid inside the core of these braces is almost always 100 percent non-toxic, but check the label to make sure you are dealing with a reputable brand. One great advantage of these cold compression braces is that they can be left on for hours after the cold dissipates so the athlete can reap all the rewards of compression therapy.

The frozen liquid is sealed behind layers of plastic and insulation, so that it will never leak, and will provide an ongoing source of safe and efficient cold therapy. Braces are available for every conceivable human body part. Safer, more reliable and more effective than a leaky bag of ice, cold compression braces are quite a bit more than just reusable ice packs.

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