Robic Stopwatches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Robic stopwatches are designed to provide athletes with a number of different timing operational choices. The most basic of all models is the Robic SC-500e Single Event Timer, which is extremely accurate and uses one-step timing functions. It has the regular start, stop and reset operations common to most stopwatches and can resolve to 1/100th of a second to up to ten hours. The Robic SC-501 Multi-Mode stopwatch is a step above this model, as it offers two modes: interval lap and accumulated split.

The Robic SC-505 Five Memory Chrono stopwatch features three different timing modes (lap, split and event) and can remember five separate place times (first through fifth) at once. The SC-507 watch contains an electroluminescent backlight that illuminates the display at the touch of a button and turns off automatically within three seconds of operation. It can run for 24 hours with 1/1000 second timing precision and can display both current lap and split time digits.

Robic Stopwatches with Speed and Chronograph Features

For the advanced athlete or competitive team, the challenge is to find stopwatches that have speed timers as well as a number of chronograph options. There are a number of Robic stopwatches that can fit these needs, including the Robic SC-554 30 Memory Speed Timer and the Robic SC-606 30 Memory Chronograph. The SC-554 contains a lap speed timer with 30 dual lines of memory and three options of chronograph timing modes (lap, split or dual split). It also is equipped with a stroke rate calendar that can be used by rowing captains and swimming coaches to make sure his or her team is moving at their best pace. The SC-606 Robic stopwatch puts both the dual split timer stopwatch and a countdown timer into one unit.

For the ultimate training aid, the Robic SC-707 can store up to five different target times and compare an athlete's current performance data with these goals. These five countdown values can be cycled or looped through the watch to allow continuous training over a period of time. However, the most extensive model of all Robic stopwatches is the Robic SC-888 Triple Timer, which can contain 150 memory recalls on each of its three chronographs. It can be programmed with one, two or three countdown timers and includes a triple calculator for swimming or rowing stroke rates. Finally, it can display lap times in a variety of different permutations, including average, fastest and slowest time, number or speed.

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